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  • Consumer Electronics cable
  • Digital camera series
  • Household appliances series
  • other series
  • Machine and equipment connection cable
  • Oil resistance towline with wire and cab
  • Servo motor encoder cable
  • Servo motor power cable
  • Universal Serial Line Series
  • Cable series
  • Electronic wire processing products
  • Distribution box, distribution cabinet category
  • Acting products
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    Address: Da Ling Ya Village, Daocheng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

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        Dongguan  Potec Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in December 2009, is a collection of wire and cable, cable components, electronic components, the row of plug-in product design and development and production, as well as control panel design and installation, OEM product management As one of the modern high-tech enterprises.

        Since the very beginning of its establishment, the company has made clear the development philosophy of "quality as the core" and has been devoted to developing and producing all kinds of high-end wire and cable, electrical accessory processing and electrical control cabinet products with the technical standards of electrical manufacturing and installation in Japan and Germany, Products quickly occupied the domestic and international high-end market.

        The company's main products are: wire and cable category (computer peripheral / home appliances around the connection cable / mobile phone peripheral connection cable); cable components; supermarket Elevators products, mobile games home appliances computer peripheral cable components, high-end machine tools and robot connection cable components, Various servo motor cable components; various equipment, electrical control cabinets, power distribution cabinets; Japanese specifications row extension and extension.

        Quality as the core product requirements, greatly stimulated the company's innovative ability, allowing the company to develop rapidly. Time goes by, Potec special glory eight years of history, the achievements of a magnificent epic. Now it is even more toward a new level.

        Excellent products, excellent service, making Dongguan Potec Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. won the Japanese Matsushita, Ying Ying, Hong Kong and South Korea Commercial, LIXIL VIVA, no jiam, CYBER, EDA Corporation, Imam Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Star Commercial Co., Ltd., Citizen Seiki, GECKO, Vanke, Han's Laser, Guangdong Runxing Technology, Guangdong Kejie Automation, Gurgaon Machinery, Qiaofeng Machinery, Prestigious Machinery, Kaige Seiki, Foreign customers alike.

        Believe in the peace of mind, trust, progress under the guidance of the corporate philosophy, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, faith, under the guidance of the Confucian Spirit of the Five Corners. The company's more than 200 staff, will burst out greater vitality and vitality, contribute to the company's development.

        In the future, Dongguan Potec Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. will strive to become a high-end electrical connections and installation solutions of professional firms. For the domestic market, it will provide a complete power distribution solution for high-end robots and CNC machine tools to build 2025 and Industry 4.0 in China. Meanwhile, it will provide the Company's exclusive patented product for the new equipment-based construction industry in preparation for a new era in the construction industry . For overseas markets, we will continue to develop innovative products to meet the needs of various customers while consolidating the existing Japanese supermarket chain product line, and strive to become the No.1 market share for household consumer products in Japan by 2020!


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